Many Hats creates theater performances which reimagine music and movement onstage.

Core Values

  • With the belief that arts are vital to life, Many Hats brings people together for shared experiences that foster connection.

  • We address critical questions through boundary pushing performance which inspires awe and wonder.

  • We reflect the intersectionality of our changing world through interdisciplinary performance, and create with a spirit of innovation and experimentation.

  • We embrace fantastic theatricality.

  • We seek to expand access to arts experiences for new audiences through affordable ticket prices and relevant, compelling stories.

  • We investigate humanness through the body.


Many Hats’ magic has always been in the collision of points of view. Since its inception in 2005 by co-founders Lava Alapai, Annalise Albright and Jessica Wallenfels, this theatre production company has found synergy to be its energizing force. Today, under artistic director Jessica Wallenfels, a pool of Portland-area artists, and the Many Hats board of directors, we continue to use the collaborative experience of creation as our touchstone to create new work forged from multiple perspectives.  

Our first priority is to value the people we work with. We nourish local talent by creating new work which is a unique product of the time and place in which we live. We run rehearsals which honor the talent of the people in the room and design processes that support the potential of the people involved. We pay fair wages to local artists who enhance the cultural life of our city and make Portland what it is. We share our work with the greater Portland area at an affordable price point in accessible venues.

Theater is the study of transformation. Through the conflict of differing perspectives, change is wrought. We believe multiple perspectives are needed more than ever in our rich and dynamic world, and we believe in the principal of group process which underlies the heart of our nation’s governance. Through the act of listening and being present with someone else, we cultivate empathy and awareness of ourselves and our world. Through individual stories told onstage, we see how we are all connected.



Many Hats Collaboration is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and all donations are fully tax-deductible. Donate or sign up to become a subscriber with automatic monthly donations.